How much does our financial guidance cost?

Our charges are generally based on a percentage of the amount of funds you invest. We will discuss the costs and levels of our services at an initial introduction and throughout our relationship with you to ensure complete transparency. We will not charge you until we have agreed with you how we are to be paid.

All of our services are underpinned by a disciplined, rigorous investment process which enables our qualified and experienced financial advisors to make the right recommendations for our clients.


Our charges for the four stages of the Financial Planning Process are as follows:

1. Initial consultation FREE OF CHARGE

  • An initial consultation usually comprises of the following:
  • An initial meeting with one of our qualified financial advisers
  • An opportunity to ask questions and understand what we do
  • Opportunity for us to establish what your financial needs are now and in the future
  • Discuss our service propositions and costs involved


2. Financial review and recommendation £500 (Fixed Fee)

We will carry out an extensive assessment of your financial circumstances to establish your financial planning requirements. This will include:

  • An understanding your situation by gathering information about your existing financial arrangements and full personal circumstances
  • An understanding of your investment knowledge and attitude and tolerance towards investment risk
  • A recommendation of an asset allocation model that matches your investment risk profile and the subsequent assessment and suitability of any existing investments
  • An analysis and design of your investment strategy
  • A personal representation of our recommendation


Our charge for this service is a fixed fee of £500, which is payable on production of the report containing our recommendations to you.

This fee will be waived wholly or in part should you decide to implement any of our recommendations.


3. Arrangement and set up cost – A percentage of lump sum or monthly investments (minimum £500)

If you decide to proceed with some or all of the recommendations we have presented to you, we will then make the necessary arrangements and set up your investment plan.

  • Where appropriate this includes:
  • Handling of all fund and policy administration on your behalf;
  • Regular updates to keep you informed of progress;
  • Ensure all you documents are issued in line with your expectations;
  • Confirmation of all actions taken on your behalf in writing


Our charges for this service are as follows:


(a) lump sum investments or transfers

Our charge for this service is 3% - based on the amount you invest and/or transfer, subject to a minimum of £500. This payment can either be taken from your investment upon receipt by the provider or paid directly by you.

Example:  If we arrange an investment on your behalf for £10,000 our implementation fee would be £300. As this is less than the ‘financial review and recommendation’ fee of £500 we would charge you £200 as the balance.

Where we receive such a payment, we will waive our ‘financial review and recommendation’ fee by the same amount.


b) Regular premium investments

Our charge for setting up a regular premium investment plan is 50% of the first year’s premium.
You can pay this under either of the following two options:


Option 1
You can pay this fee to us directly on commencement of the plan.

On receipt of this payment we will waive our ‘financial review and recommendation’ fee by the same amount, with any balance falling due at the same time.

Example: If your monthly contribution is £20, (£240 annually) our arrangement and set up fee would be £120. As this is less than the £500 fee for financial review and recommendation’ we would also charge you £380 as the balance.


Option 2
You can pay the setting up fee through your plan. The payment will be deducted proportionally from each monthly contribution during the first year.

Where we receive such payments we will waive our ‘financial review and recommendation’ fee by the same amount and any balance due at the end of the first year will be payable by the same monthly instalments until settled in full.

Example: If your monthly contribution is £20, (£240 annually), our arrangement and set up would be £120. This will be collected by deducting £10 from each monthly contribution you make for the first 12 months. As this is less than the £500 fee for ‘financial review and recommendation’, at the end of the first year the balance of £380 will be collected by the same monthly deductions, for a period of 38 months,  until settled in full.

Should you decide to pay this charge through your plan and payments to the plan subsequently cease, without meeting the balance in full, then we will calculate the total payments received to date and charge you a one off fee for the balance against the ‘financial review and recommendation’ fee.

Example: If you invest £100 per month, our total charge will be £600. We will deduct £50 from each monthly contribution until paid in full. Should payments cease after month 6 (and £300 has been collected) the outstanding £300 balance against the ‘financial review and recommendation’ fee of would be then charged.